When a woman understands the colour, shape and style of clothes that suit her unique body and she applies that knowledge everything comes together harmoniously.

She can stand in front of her wardrobe seeing numerous combinations of outfits. She can effortlessly choose an outfit from her wardrobe and the mirror will confirm how wonderful she looks. Her money will go further because she can create a multitude of different looks using a minimum of garments. Judy helps her achieve this through four core services.

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Colour Analysis

Colour can make or break a woman’s look.

The wrong colours can add years to her face while the right colours smooth and clarify her skin, down play any lines, wrinkles or blemishes and make her eyes sparkle. The right colours will simply have her looking more youthful for her years and she will feel great. A colour analysis provides answers to questions such as:

  • Do I suit warm (yellow) or cool (blue) based colours?
  • Do I suit lighter or darker shades?
  • Should I wear clear or muted colours to look my best?
  • Does black look good on me?
  • What metals look best on my skin, yellow based or white based?
  • What foundation, blush, eye shadow and lipstick make me look radiant?

This is done by draping different colour swatches under her face and seeing what effect it has on her hair skin and eyes.

“Uplifting experience! Having my colours done was real therapy for me. It stirred up a deep longing to look beautiful and have this reflected in how I dress?”
Elizabeth Mazey

Shape and Style Analysis

This service is about helping her to understand her unique body shape. She comes to appreciate her many gorgeous assets. Techniques using illusion, diversion or camouflage are highlighted to even out her challenging areas, so that they too look easy on the eye.


“For the first time ever I feel OK about my body shape thanks to Judy. I had always concentrated on the bits I didn’t like and tried to fix them. Throughout the analysis Judy was able to point out my body’s assets- before now I didn’t think I had any.”
Glenda Earle


Wardrobe Makeover

This is where Judy works with a client at home. By trying on all her clothes with Judy’s kind but honest appraisal clothes get sorted into three piles:

  • The Keepers: Those garments that work for her colour, shape and style wise and make her feel and look wonderful.
  • The Sleepers: Those garments that need an alteration or some upkeep so they can eventually be moved to the keeper pile.
  • The Weepers: Those garments that do little to enhance physical appearance – colour, shape or style wise and create barriers to her looking good and feeling great.

“Judy’s creative approach sorting my wardrobe got me thinking about options that I had never thought about before?”
Elizabeth Mazey

Personal Shopping

It’s a personal in the shop learning experience when all the knowledge that she has learnt about herself, her body and how to dress it come together.
She gets to try on different clothes and to see for herself what works and what doesn’t and understand why.
After an hour or two things click, she feels confident, has fun and chooses clothes that make her look good and feel great.

“Never again will I go shopping not knowing what to buy or what looks good. No more frustrating shopping trips where I get completely disillusioned. No more items in the wardrobe that simply hang there never to see the light of day.”
Glenda Earle


“The gift that Judy gave me brings a smile to my face every time someone comments on how I look and has given me confidence to wear clothes that make me look my best.”
Ronnie E Brady

Colour Analysis for Women


Shape & Style Analysis


Wardrobe Makeover


Personal Shopping