Judy understands and works well with men of all ages. She appreciates that men generally have a different outlook than women in how they want to approach creating an image that is right for them.

She looks at what best suits a man’s colouring, shape, personality and lifestyle. She helps him find stylish clothes that make him look good and feel great. Judy provides three core services for men.

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Colour and Shape Analysis

By making subtle changes to the colour of upper garments such as shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, jerseys and jackets a man can look younger, healthier and fitter. His 5 o’clock shadow will disappear, his eyes will sparkle, his skin will look great and he will appear younger than his real age.

A colour analysis involves being draped with different colour swatches to ascertain whether a man needs warm or cool colours, light or dark, muted or clear colours to bring out his most attractive look.

By understanding body shape, scale and proportions along with his style personality, the process of finding clothes to make a man look great becomes a simple process and to a man’s amazement can be very enjoyable!

“As a guy who didn’t have any sense of colour and style co-ordination I’m now choosing clothes that give me confidence within myself. Friends have commented on how much better I look. I strongly recommend Judy Crowe as an Image Consultant.”
Jimmy Griffith

Wardrobe Makeover

This involves Judy gently but firmly going through a wardrobe and sorting out the clothes that stay because they enhance the colouring and build of the man and removing those that do not bring out his best look. From there Judy advises what new garments are needed to create the look that will have that man looking good and feeling great.


“I’m your average Kiwi male, who thought he had his wardrobe sorted. After seeing Judy I discovered why I had a large, expensive portion of my wardrobe gathering dust.

Wearing my first purchase (after a colour, shape and style analysis with Judy) I couldn’t believe the number of compliments I received.”

Grant Stirling

Personal Shopping

This is when Judy brings it all together to help a man purchase key items of clothing to create his new look. She recognises that often a man has had previous shopping experiences that have been negative, leaving him discouraged and uncertain about what to buy that makes him look good. With her well trained and gifted eye for detail Judy has the knack of making shopping for clothes easy, enjoyable and fun.

“ “As someone who knew next to nothing about colours beforehand, the image consultancy session with Judy was a real eye opener. The thoughtful style lessons she went through have definitely made me look and feel better, especially noticed by my partner.”

Dr Neeraj Bhala


Colour Analysis for Men


Shape & Style Analysis


Wardrobe Makeover


Personal Shopping for Men